It is great to hear about other ideas that various schools are doing and the call back day in the holiday was great too. Both these gatherings have been motivation for where we are heading in Room 13.
In Room 13 we are looking at developing on our skills so that we can effectively and independently use our wiki to track and celebrate our years learning. So far the children have looked at what takes a good photo and different ways to do this. They have learn't how to resize their photos and upload to their wiki pages. They are now looking at taking short video clips and then editing and uploading. Next we will look at using easy speak to add voice to our learning.

The day was a huge success. Getting to share ideas about what was working for you and then hearing what others are doing. These conversations cement for me what makes ICT effective and helps me to build on what is happening in the classroom. Since that day I have set up a student to work through the green screen photos and then he will need to make more time to teach others. All the students have all had extra experience at taking effective photos and we have more blogs and wiki addresses to read and see what other classes are doing in our class and post comments to them as part of the reading programme.

Thanks Amanda