Pirongia Teachers Review / Thoughts
Showing evidence of learning all of the time. Cementing. Using ICT tools all of the time. Some of the key ideas hve followed though into class practice. Students showing ownership of the blogs. As teachers, we need to upskill ourselves e.g getting videos onto the blog. Little essential stuff that we need to make time to learn. children could use their own digi cameras. Assessment collection is ongoing, part of what we do. Learning Conferences: If you have a strength in ICT then use it. Using children's strengths in their Conferences. Choosing what is appropriate.
Inquiry = Input Process Output.

Susan - Koromatua

What has changed
I had the opportunity to listen to Pam and Judi speak at one of our teacher call back days.
I really enjoyed listening to them speak however I have often been to workshops where teachers talk about their amazing programmes
however it is not so easy to imagine the programme running in a classroom.
I approached Pam and asked her if it was possible to visit her classroom so I could see her programme in action.
After spending approximately two hours in her room I came away inspired to change my own classroom programme.
Although Pam was teaching a year 2/3 class I was convinced that I could adapt my own programme.
Before going to visit my own classroom programme was very teacher directed, one group doing what I said and it was a very stop, start programme.
After visiting Pam I changed my programme to allow the children to become more independent, my groups became more flexible - the children had the opportunity to learn from one another, the children were offered choices about what they wanted to do – literacy, numeracy or topic - and when.
Although there have been challenges along the way and I am still adapting the programme to suit 5 year olds I am still preserving as I believe the changes have benefitted the children and allowed them to become more self directed learners. I would like to thank Barbara for giving me the opportunity to listen to these teachers as I would still be relying on the old way I taught which was okay however it was definitely time for a change.